QP Bright ORP Regulator
• Compatible with all brands of chlorinators.• Chlorinator production control by REDOX probe.• Maintains a disinfected and disinfectant water• Protects equipment, especially suitable for indoor pool or with automatic cover.• Eliminates excess or lack of chlorine. Optimize the operation of the chlorinator, lengthening the duration...
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QP Sunny pH Dosing Pump
Designed for residential pools up to 100 m³. With LCD digital display for displaying values with an accuracy of 0.1 pH. Automatically timed regulation. Regulation in acid mode only (pH-). Operates only with pH reducer, not compatible with pH increaser....
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QP Bright pH Regulator
• The QP pH automatically controls the pH of your pool thanks to a probe that permanently analyzes the pH level and injects a correction fluid in such a way that maintains an ideal pH (pH 7 to 7.2).• Automatic pH regulation...
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